Requirements of NIDN

Some of the lecturer proposal requirements have been determined by the DIKTI. Mercu Buana University also provides several proposed criteria for obtaining qualified Educators with compliance with applicable regulations.

  • submission of National Lecturer Number (NIDN) for new proposals – non civil servants
  • for those who have just proposed – foreign lecturers
  • submission of the National Teaching Number (NUPN) to NIDN
  • submission of new NUPN in UMB
  • Submission of changes in lecturer data
  • submission of homebase moves between colleges
  • submission of UMB internal homebase

Addition of Submission of National Lecturer Number must follow the Latest Procedure in accordance with Circular Dirdiktendik Ditjen Dikti.

Pengajuan Dosen Di UMB
Pengajuan Dosen Di UMB
Pengajuan Dosen di MB.pdf
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