Academic Position Registration


  1. Fill out the Academic Position Improvement Registration Form (click here)
  2. Attach diplomas and S1 / S2 / S3 value transcripts that have been legalized;
  3. Having a Rector’s Decree as a Permanent Lecturer;
  4. Has NIDN registered with the Universitas Mercu Buana institution;
  5. Have served at least 1 (one) year in the activities of the Tri Dharma College at the Universitas Mercu Buana;
  6. Having Scientific Work in the ISSN National Scientific Journal (Not Accredited by DIKTI), ISSN National Scientific Journal (Accredited by DIKTI) or International Journal by paying attention to the provisions of DIKTI, Regulation of the Minister of National Education 17 of 2010 concerning Prevention and Control of Plagiarism and has been published through the web,, and other web media;
  7. Submit soft-copy in PDF format for scientific work;
  8. For those who want to improve to the Assistant Professor, the Associate Professor and Professor must attach the Academic Rank along with the previous PAK;
  9. Fill in all data presented in the attached Excel format and send an email to [email protected], [email protected] cc: [email protected]
  10. Has filled out sipkd.dikti
  11. Carefully pay attention to the Regulation of the Minister of Administrative Reform 17 of 2013 concerning Lecturer Functional Position and Credit Numbers.

Thus this matter was conveyed to be a concern.